On 27 October 1919, this photo of Jose Leon Guerrero Rios, Antonio Arriola Shimizu, Juan Rivera Rosario and Ramon Manalisay Sablan appeared in the Tulsa World, Oklahoma media, “Five Boys from Island of Guam Become Students at A&M College to Teach Natives How to Farm.” Unfortunately, there was no article that accompanied the photo.

However, in a related article that appeared in the Oregonian on 9 November 1919, it explained that it took these guys quite a while to get to their destination: “Twenty-three days from San Francisco; seven days from Manila; six days from Japan,” to the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical college. Their age range was from 16 to 19 years old. The schooling was a four-year course paid by the U.S., and upon completion they were to return back to Guam as teachers.