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Maria de los Santos y Castro (1828-1890): Matriarch of the Savory and Mazarro Families Bonin Islands/Chichijima

Published: Sunday, 18 November 2012 Written by Bernard Punzalan

I am pursuing a more in-depth research study on the history and the Chamorro roots of Maria de los Santos y Castro. I hope to write a manuscript of my findings and submit it to the Micronesia Area Research Center, University of Guam and when completed. If anyone has knowledge of these families and contacts with current descendants of these families I would most certainly appreciate the help.

Here's a brief summary of this historical event and Chamorro diaspora of the 1800's...

Maria de los Santos y Castro (Maria Castro Santos) was born in 1828. While most history documents indicate she was born in Guam, she is known to have family in Saipan.

In 1843, she went to go bid farewell to her aunt Joaquina de la Cruz, who was departing with Henry Millinchamp to go to the Bonin Islands (known today as Chichijima, Ogasawara, Japan). Maria ended up sailing with her Aunt to the Bonin Islands and would never return back to the Mariana Islands again. It is uncertain whether Maria had departed to the Bonin Islands through her own will or was never given the opportunity to de-board the vessel before it departed.

Maria had three marriages in the Bonin Islands:

1. Matteo "Matthew" Mazarro from Genoa, Italy. He died shortly 1848, Bonin Islands. They had two children:

1.1. John (DOB and DOD unknown).

1.2. Reta/Arita (DOB unknown but she died at the age of 11)

2. Nathaniel Savory, Georgetown, Essex, MA. (13 Jul 1794 - 10 Apr 1874). They had eight children:

2.1. Albert Burbank Savory (1851 - 19 Apr 1853)

2.2. Agnes Burbank Savory (14 Feb 1853 - 18 Sep 1872)

2.3. Horace Perry Savory (3 Apr 1855 - ?)

2.4. Helen Jane Savory (28 Feb 1857 - ?)

2.5. Robert Nathaniel Savory (18 Mar 1860 - ?)

2.6. Esther Thurlow/Thurbon Savory (20 Mar 1862 - ?)

2.7. Benjamin Savory (24 Jun 1866 - 1942)

2.8. Isabella Savory (11 Jun 1872 - ?)

3. William Allen (?-?), a gentleman from Germany. Her relationship started sometime in 1876, a couple of years after Nathaniel passed away. They did not have any children.

Within the Bonin Islands history, the Savory family is perhaps the most renown. Nathaniel Savory and Richard Millinchamp (his son was Henry Millinchamp who married Emilia Castro Anderson, granddaughter of John Anderson, patriarch of the biggest Anderson clan in the Mariana Islands) were two of at least five original settlers of the Bonin Islands, which were basically uninhabited islands until their arrival. The history of those islands and families is quite an interesting story and one that I would like to be re-told and documented from a Chamorro perspective.

Again if anyone may have any information on these families, please message me.

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