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More on the Savory Family with the Herrero's

Published: Wednesday, 21 November 2012 Written by Bernard Punzalan

This article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal, April 5, 1945. Vicente Antonio (Ben) Pangelinan Herrero (1883-1956) married Alice Savory Webb (1885 -?). Alice was the granddaughter of Nathaniel and Maria Santos Savory.

I have collected quite a bit of articles and literature regarding the Savory family and the Bonin Islands/Chichijima. I am also beginning to link up with family members. So thank you all who have contributed information or pointed me in a direction to communicate with members of this family.

An absolutely fascinating story and manuscript, in-progress, and well worth the effort. I would like to incorporate family memoirs and essays into this manuscript. There is no other history better told when it comes straight from those who have lived it.

Again if anyone may have any information on the Savory family, please message me.

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