2020 CHamoru Population Pie Chart


2020 CHamoru Population Bar Chart Comparison

I recently reviewed the CHamoru population data for 2020 available at the U.S. Census Bureau's website. I did expect a population growth in the U.S., but thought it would be much higher. I do need to qualify that within these diagrams, the 2020 population data in the U.S. was taken from the American Community Survey and not the 2020 dicennial census, like the CNMI and Guam. Therefore, I believe that number (156,083) to be under represented of the CHamoru population in U.S.  I will need to check back with the Bureau when they have the actual 2020 census data available for the CHamoru people residing in the United States.

The Bureau, at least that I know of, has not posted the breakdown or specifics for the Pacific Islander races. Also, the CHamoru population are inclusive of those that selected CHamoru as a race alone and CHamoru in combination with another race.