1792 Levesque CHamoruWoman

These sketches are  from three artists (Felipe Bauza, Juan Ravenet and Fernando Brambila) from the Malaspina Expedition’s stopover in the Marianas island, which lasted under a couple of weeks. The expedition reached Guam 12 Feb 1792 (Levesque, pg. 447) and departed out of Umatac on 24 Feb 1792 (Levesque, pg. 489) to the port of Palapag.

The works of these artists can be found in Madrid, Spain at the Museum of America and the Naval Museum.

The original draft sketch of the woman is apparently missing or somehow disappeared. (Serrano in Levesque, pg. 573)

  1792 CHamoruMan Ravenet

From the village of Humatak, drawings by Bauza.

 1792 HumatakWoman 1792 HumatakMan

Views of Humatak, drawings by Bauza.

1792 HumatakSeaSideView


1792 Humatak InlandView



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